Mahad Aljamiah IAIN is the place to form Muslim intellectuals

Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs IAIN Palu Dr. H Abidin Djafar MAg

Mahad Aljamiah of The State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Palu, Central Sulawesi, is the center to form new students to being moderate Muslim intellectuals.

"Mahad Aljamiah is the center for the formation of competent, qualified and moderate Muslim intellectuals," said the Deputy Chancellor for Academic and Development of the Institute for IAIN Palu, Dr. Abidin Djafar M.Ag, in Palu, Tuesday.

Mahad Aljamiah, is one of the institutions in IAIN Palu that is recognized by the state through the Ministry of Religion of Indonesia to support the formation of compotency, and student academic competitiveness.

Mahad Aljamiah in Tipo, Ulujadi, Palu, said Abidin, becoming an Islamic boarding school in IAIN Palu. In that place, said Abidin, IAIN Palu will prepare new students in 2019 who register from three registration instruments, namely SPAN, UMPTKIN and independently.

New students in 2019, before taking part in the Introduction of Academic and Student Culture (PBAK), they must take part in the coaching process at Mahad Aljamiah with material covering the introduction and improvement of understanding of Wasathiyah (moderate Islam), moral formation, linguistic formation covering Arabic and English, and guidance on reading and writing the Koran.

IAIN Palu employs teachers of Arabic and English language from state high school and madrasyah Aliyah, as well as teaching staff from Islamic boarding schools such as the Alkhairaat Islamic Boarding School and the Gontor Branch Islamic Boarding School in Sigi (Ngatabaru Islamic Boarding School).

"So, coaching in Mahad Aljamiah is the first stage in the cadre process, before new students follow PBAK. This stage does not involve lecturers," he said.

Furthermore, new students who have paid for a Single Tuition (UKT) will face stage II in a coaching process involving lecturers, namely matriculation.

In the matriculation stage, he explained, new students will be fostered with Islamic Wasathiyah material, national insight, effective learning methods in higher education, and student ethics codes.

After the matriculation stage, new students will face the third coaching process, namely PBAK, whose material is also Wasathiyah Islam and academic culture.

"Well, at this third entrance, it involves lecturers and students in the process of fostering new students," he said.

The process of fostering new students was started by IAIN Palu on Friday June 19 to August 18, 2019.