Palu, - Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Central Sulawesi Province is willing to cooperate with the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu on the socialization of National Academic Achievement Selection (SPAN) in the admission of new students in 2018.

Head of Regional Office of Central Sulawesi Ministry of Religious Affairs, Abdullah Latopada admitted to be willing to cooperate maximizing SPAN socialization, as a form of maximizing the direction of education handled by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

"Yes, the signing of our cooperation is done at the work meeting of Central Sulawesi Regional Office of Ministry of Religious Affairs, where I invited all teachers and principals," said Abdullah Latopada, Wednesday.

The willingness to cooperate emerged during the visit of IAIN Palu, a vice rector of academic and institutional development, Dr. Abidin Djafar and vice rector of student affairs, Iskandar Nasaruddin, at the head office of Kemenag Regional Office of Central Sulawesi on Wednesday.

According to Abdullah Latopada, the Ministry of Religious Affairs in the region should focus on the implementation of education, with a clear orientation.

"If we want to form a young generation of Muslim scholars, then all the graduates from Madrasah should continue to STAIN, IAIN and UIN," he said.

He considers that it is necessary to establish the systematics of recruitment and the establishment of a linear qualified education. Madrasah graduates who have studied religious knowledge, should continue the strata one program and so on to the state Islamic religious college. "Well, this is a problem, because many madrasah graduates choose to continue their studies at public universities," he said.

Related to that, IAIN Palu Academic Vice Rector Dr Abidin Djafar, said that the Ministry of Religious Affairs data shows that students of Islamic religious universities are mostly from high school graduates.

In fact, he said, Ministry of Religious Affairs hopes and aspires to the state Islamic colleges of dominated by madrasah and pesantren graduates.

"We appeal to the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs to allow us to socialize SPAN in public and private madrasah aliyah under the auspices of the Central Sulawesi Ministry of Religious Affairs," said Dr. Abidin.

SPAN is one of the new students recruitment models used with online systems. There are three new students enrollment models within the state Islamic colleges including IAIN Palu namely SPAN, Entrance Examination- State Islamic Colleges (UM-PTKIN) and Local or self-directed / manual registration.