After Eid Al-Fitr IAIN Palu students study in permanent buildings

The process of studying at IAIN Palu after Eid Al-Fitr took place in a permanent building. Lectures no longer take place in emergency classes..

The lecture process at the State Islamic Institute (IAIN), Central Sulawesi, after Eid Al-Fitr, took place in a permanent building. Students no longer study in emergency classes.

"Yes, lectures gradually no longer take place in emergency classes," said Deputy Rector for Administrative and Planning of Palu IAIN, Dr. Kamaruddin, in Palu on Wednesday.

Antara monitoring at IAIN Palu on Wednesday, emergency classes that were previously for the lecture process, are now no longer in use.

Post nine months of the earthquake and tsunami disaster on September 28, 2018, based on field monitoring, lectures have taken place in a permanent building.

The SBSN building which was previously affected by the tsunami has now been utilized in the lecture process. Students from various semester levels and faculties have studied in the building.

Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs at IAIN Palu, Dr Abidin Djafar confirmed that lectures after the Eid-ul Fitri holiday had been reactivated.

At present, said Abidin Djafar, there are several important agendas related to academic activities after Eid al-Fitr.

First, he said, students will face the final semester exam (UAS) which takes place on July 8, 2019 according to the academic calendar.

"There is still more than a month for students to prepare themselves to face the UAS, as well as lecturers and academic departments preparing for UAS preparation," he said.

Then, preparation for the second wave of Real Workshops (KKN), which are now entering the location observation stage. On June 17, 2019, debriefing of KKN participants began. June 22 the release of KKN participants (down location), and July 22 withdrawal of KKN participants. That is, the KKN process will last one month.

Furthermore, preparations for the graduation ceremony are planned to be held on 30 July 2019. At present, each faculty begins to open the acceptance of proposal examinations and thesis.

"Our target is for the second wave graduation participants in 2019, above the 200 mark," he explained.