2019, IAIN Palu Opens Three New Study Programs

(PR-IAIN Palu) 31/12 / 2019- The State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Palu will open two new Study Programs in the Undergraduate program (S1) and one study program at Postgraduate. Two new study programs at S1, namely Mathematics Study Program and Science Study Program at Tarbiyah Faculty and Teacher Training. While for Postgraduate, is Islamic Economics Study Program.

As stated by the IAIN Palu Rector, Prof. Dr. Sagaf S Pettalongi, M.Pd to Metro Sulawesi recently.

"At present, the three study programs are currently being processed at the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT). At the very least, by the end of January 2019, the process in the Ministry of Religion had finished. Currently BAN-PT is being processed, "Sagaf S Pettalongi said.

Sagaf said, the opening of the three study programs was not to be a rival for other universities in Central Sulawesi. Because he said, Islamic Religious Universities already had a clear distinction, even though the curriculum of a particular study program was the same as that of public universities, especially the same study program.

"But we must have the addition of the main reference sources, especially the Qur’an and Hadith, and scientific integration, this is what is specific. "General theories with religious theories are combined, which are not available at public universities," he explained.

According to him, said Sagaf, the entry requirements in all Islamic Higher Education study programs must be aware of the Qur’an reading and writing, for prospective students who want to study on this campus.

"Conversely, if prospective students do not have the ability to read and write the Koran, he cannot be accepted on this campus. Not only students, lecturers must also be able to read and write the Koran, "he said.

Thus, he said, in accepting new students, IAIN Palu prioritizes graduates of madrasah and pesantren, although it still opens the widest opportunity of graduates of public schools, especially those who can pass the Koran's literacy test.

"In addition, the Palu IAIN also plans to carry out KKN abroad in 2020," he added.